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Mere Creatures of the State?
What Others are Saying

"Your topic could not come at a better time."
William J. Bennett
Director, Empower America

"This account by a great lawyer of how and why religion slipped from its place as the first of American freedoms is absorbing and disturbing. Friends of religious liberty will come away from Mere Creatures of the State? troubled by the state of affairs it describes but inspired by William Ball's courage and dedication."
Mary Ann Glendon
Learned Hand Professor of Law
Harvard University

"This is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account by an able litigator who has devoted his life to the defense of religious freedom. All who treasure our First Liberty will enjoy reading Mere Creatures of the State? Among other things, the author recounts what he considers to be the great contribution of evangelicals to American religious Liberty."
Robert P. Dugan, Jr.
Director, National Association of Evangelicals

"An engrossing and deeply disturbing book in which the author contends that the U. S. Supreme Court, which orders vast social changes in our lives, knows no road, no common philosophy or rooted legal tradition, but renders its decisions with an ad hoc secular mind."
Pastor William C. Lindholm
Chairman, National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom

Libertas Publica
Preserving Liberty in the Public Square

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